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LJ Google Search Rank Tool is a Web Utility written in PHP to Track and Monitor the Google Search Ranking for any site against the specified keywords within the Top 64 results (This is a limitation of the Google AJAX Search API). It will email any changes in Search Ranking and keep a record of changes over time.

Current Version: 0.1r19


To install download the zip file below and copy to your webroot directory.

Import the SQL Script into MySQL and create/modify a user to access the new database (only SELECT,INSERT,UPDATE, and DELETE permissions are required)

Rename the config.sample.php to config.php and update all the settings specified in the INSTALL.TXT file from the root of the install.

To have the application track changes over time a CRON entry will need to be setup. I recommend once a day as follows:

Crontab Entry:
0 3 * * * wget -q -O /dev/null https://www.thelazysysadmin.net/ljsearchranktool/cron.php

This software is to be considered of Beta quality at the moment, if you have any issues leave a comment.


  • PHP 5.2, or the PECL JSON module installed
    • PECL JSON can be installed under most Linux installation with the following command
    • pear channel-update pear.php.net
    • pear install pecl/json
    • Update php.ini to ensure the json.so module is loaded
  • PHP CURL Module



Display's Current Rankings
Display's Current Rankings
Once Off Test Screen
Once Off Test Screen

2 replies on “LJ Search Rank Tool”

Can you tell me the default password for user ‘admin’ that is held in tbl_auth ? Thanks

@Mike – The default admin password is admin, sorry that should be in the docs.

Please be aware that this software is using a legacy Google API that you can no longer obtain a key for.

It has been left here purely for historical reasons.


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