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Trend API coming soon

TrendEngine was developed using Google Hot Trends information and provided some level of stability to the constantly changing trend list. Continue reading

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APNS error – No Valid aps-environment entitlement

If you get the following error when trying to register for a device token, firstly ensure you have correctly followed the directions within the iPhone Developers Portal.

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APNS Send Device Token to Provider

I am currently in the middle of designing and developing an application based on the Apple Push Notification Service. There is alot of information about the client side registration and plenty of server side code examples, but I haven’t found … Continue reading

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iPhone Development

For some strange, but unknown reason I decided to purchase a Mac Mini to try some iPhone Development. I have a few apps that I would like on my iPhone that are currently not available. Continue reading

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Simple .NET XML Tutorial

I needed to build an application the other day that used XML to talk to a web service, but I wanted to deal with raw XML rather then using anything based on WSDL and RPC. This was the first time … Continue reading

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