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Commvault Simpana 9.0 with Granular File Recovery for Linux under VMWare

I am currently going through the process of installing a brand new Commvault installation. One thing I am evaluating is doing most of my backups via the Virtual Server iDataAgent, this will give me “bare metal” recovery of my VM’s … Continue reading

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SUSE Studio

It has been a very long time since something on the web has impressed me to the point of being amazed. But today I found out about SUSE Studio Continue reading

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Linode Network Stats in Cacti

Linode provides a convenient XML data feed that provides information about your CPU usage and Network Usage. The graph for the CPU Usage seems a little useless, but I have included it here as the XML feed provides the data. … Continue reading

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OpenSUSE Local Update Repository

Details how to setup and maintain a local update repository for OpenSUSE, and also how to setup clients to access and install from it. Continue reading

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PostgreSQL Performance Tuning

I have had my head buried in Postgres tuning parameters today. There is so many different options to look at and no real definitive guidelines out there, and to make matters worse you can really impede performance with incorrect tuning parameters which is probably counter productive if your interested in tuning for performance :-). Continue reading

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