Windows 7 and the trip to 64 bit and back again

Windows 7 is all shiny and new, and available to the masses. So I thought I would be purchase myself a Technet subscription so I can play with all the new toys that come out in the next year.

I run 4gb of ram in my laptop so I though that I would go 64 bit (and get back that extra 600 or so mb of ram that gets stolen on 32bit machines). The initial install went well, including the install and subsequent windows update yielded a full set drivers for my machine (except the fingerprint sensor, for which Dell haven’t released a Windows 7 driver for yet either).

Sys Admin Windows

Shortcut to hosts file on Windows

This one was shown to me a while back but I needed to use it today and remembered how much easier it is.

To quickly access the hosts file go Start -> Run -> Type drivers -> Ok.

This will bring up the folder before the hosts file, just double click into the etc directory from there.

The other method is to create a new shortcut on your Start Menu or Desktop with the following as the target

%windir%system32notepad.exe "c:WINDOWSsystem32driversetchosts"

Two easy methods to access your hosts file.