Linux OpenSUSE

Novell SLES 10 to OpenSUSE 11.1 Migration

In an effort to save on licensing costs I have just completed the migration from SLES to OpenSUSE. I have to say it was a little unnerving to step away from an enterprise class distribution. There were so many choices when it came to choosing the replacement for SLES, I knew we no longer wished to pay the licensing fee’s to only have access to software updates and support that has never been used (IMHO google for me is the best support agreement).

On the cards were CentOS, Ubuntu LTS, and OpenSUSE. Our main requirements were the ability to access upgrades and the use of an auto build system for rapid deployment. CentOS was ruled out early in the piece (unfortunately I have to say only for petty reasons, none of which are worth listing here). So the competition was between Ubuntu and OpenSUSE, now my personal opinion here would be for Ubuntu to be the successor but unfortunately it had a few fatal flaws.


Upgrade to WordPress 2.8

And the verdict…. Nothing special.

The upgrade process was extremely simple. Just went through and updated all my plug-ins and theme to be 2.8 compatible and followed the three step upgrade process, and voila.

The admin interface has received a small polishing, with a new theme browser and theme installation method. I like the new editor for use with theme php & css files. The syntax highlighting and automatic documentation feature seems to be the best improvements for me.

So to sum up the installation went very smoothly, but unless you are into customising your themes or changing theme’s often then I don’t see any compelling reason to race out and upgrade.