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VMWare ESXi 4.0 and Boot from SAN

VMWare have just released the free VMWare ESXi 4.0. I have just tested and it now supports Boot from SAN. WOOT!! I have been looking into using USB drives as a way to boot my VMWare farm servers, but am … Continue reading

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LJ Google Search Rank Tool – Ver 0.1r19 (Compliance Release)

Compliance Release. Changelog: Added GPLv3 Details to Source Files and included GPLv3 LICENSE file in download. Check out the project page for more details.

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Shortcut to hosts file on Windows

This one was shown to me a while back but I needed to use it today and remembered how much easier it is. To quickly access the hosts file go Start -> Run -> Type drivers -> Ok. This will … Continue reading

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RS232 (Serial) Control of LG LCD TV via MythTV

This article describes using a Serial (RS232) link between an LG LCD TV and MythTV to perform basic control of the TV via your MythTV remote control. Continue reading

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Simple .NET XML Tutorial

I needed to build an application the other day that used XML to talk to a web service, but I wanted to deal with raw XML rather then using anything based on WSDL and RPC. This was the first time … Continue reading

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