VMWare vSphere Client on Windows 7 doesn’t work

The latest in a relatively short line of annoyances with the upgrade to Windows 7 is the lack of support for the VMWare vSphere Client.

There are certain things that when it doesn’t work you wouldn’t be surprised. We all have that application that hasn’t been updated in years but we still need to use on a regular basis. I can somewhat understand why these things don’t work within a new operating system. But for something that gets updated on a regular basis to not work, that is a different story altogether and that really annoys me.

Given that some form of Windows 7 has been available to vendors for a long time it shows VMWare with a high level of contempt for it’s users. There is absolutely no excuse for there not to be an update to support Windows 7, especially considering there have been reports of it not working from early RC days.

The official response from VMWare (KB 1011329) is to just use a XP virtual machine. There is not even a mention on how long they will take to fix the issue.

Kiwi Si at Techhead has found a better workaround but still while this gets things working there should be a better option. We all pay a lot of money for VMWare and as such should deserve better treatment.

6 thoughts on “VMWare vSphere Client on Windows 7 doesn’t work

  1. @Bogan
    Yes this works, but it is identical to the solution offered from Techhead. I don’t know who came up with it first. But the situation is pathetic. VMWare should be doing better then this.

    Workarounds are not the solution to the problem.

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