LJ Multi Column Archive – WordPress Plugin

I have developed a new wordpress plugin that is free for anyone to use called LJ Multi Column Archive. I have been looking around at other blogs recently and seen a fair few that had archive lists that where huge, after a couple of years the list can take up most of your sidebar space.

So I decided to write a plugin that would put your archives list into columns, unfortunately it only solves the problem for a short while but I think at the moment I will be happy using this plugin until i have at least 24 months worth of content (and that is a while away yet). When that time comes hopefully there is something better, or I will just have to develop something else.

Check it out in the WordPress Extend site.

LJRandomOrRecent – My First WordPress Plugin :-)

I have just finished writing my first wordpress plugin. It is called LJ Random or Recent and it adds a widget that allows you to replace the Recent Posts widget with a little more functionality.

You can specify to show either Random Posts or Recent Posts depending on the type of page (ie, Single Post, Page, Category, Tag).

The plugin is currently awaiting approval over at wordpress.org, but hopefully it will appear in the plugin directory very shortly.

You can download it from here in the mean time.

Check it out LJ Random Or Recent