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FOG: Deleting all current active tasks

FOG is “a free computer cloning solution” found at If your a seasoned user you will no doubt have groups setup so you may run commands on multiple machine without loading each one individually. In my scenario we have … Continue reading

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SUSE Studio

It has been a very long time since something on the web has impressed me to the point of being amazed. But today I found out about SUSE Studio Continue reading

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pg_standby triggering unexpectedly

I have been having a problem with my redundant PostgreSQL setup over the last couple of weeks. I run two Postgres servers with a WAL Logging Warm Standby system using pg_standby from 8.3. When the master server is under heavy … Continue reading

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Postfix/SASL/Courier AuthDaemon Cannot connect to Courier authdaemond: No such file or directory

I have a Ubuntu Virtual Server handling all my mail, recently after an apt-get upgrade I was unable to send email using my Postfix Virtual User setup through Courier and SASL. I kept getting the following error in my logs: … Continue reading

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Linode Network Stats in Cacti

Linode provides a convenient XML data feed that provides information about your CPU usage and Network Usage. The graph for the CPU Usage seems a little useless, but I have included it here as the XML feed provides the data. … Continue reading

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