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FOG: Deleting all current active tasks

FOG is “a free computer cloning solution” found at http://www.fogproject.org/. If your a seasoned user you will no doubt have groups setup so you may run commands on multiple machine without loading each one individually. In my scenario we have … Continue reading

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VMWare vSphere Client on Windows 7 doesn’t work

There are certain things that when it doesn’t work you wouldn’t be surprised. We all have that application that hasn’t been updated in years but we still need to use on a regular basis. I can somewhat understand why these things don’t work within a new operating system. But for something that gets updated on a regular basis to not work, that is a different story altogether and that really annoys me. Continue reading

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WordPress 2.8 Gripe No. 1 (Indentation Issues)

Wordpress 2.8 looses all spaces and indentation when switching between Visual and HTML tabs in the post editor. Continue reading

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